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Thank you for helping me to deal with my stress and moodiness, your individualized program with, BioEnergetic and Vibrational Sound sessions have leveled me out. I am feeling so much better. ~Kim H

I am 69 years old (2019), I had lots of aches and pain, allergies, and high blood pressure even on medications felt tired I thought I was eating healthy, My daughter convinced me to have a consultation with you. What an eye-opener it was, just about everything I was eating and drinking was causing me discomfort. I was skeptical about making lifestyle changes, and having Clinical Reflexology once a week. I hung in, mainly because of clinical reflexology, Vibrational Sound sessions, and BioEnergetic wonderful therapies. In a few days, I started feeling sooo much better.   ~Michael F

I must say I feel amazing, mentally, physically, emotionally. It has been an amazing journey the last 18 months.  When I came to see you I had seen several doctors and specialist, none was able to give me a diagnose, I was given medication for my symptoms but  I continued to get worse.Thank you for your “out of the box thinking”  the wonderful BioEnergetic System and those wonderful European remedies and those amazing therapies, I am on the road to recovery. ~Susan F

Thank you for explaining the concept of Fibromyalgia to me, and one size treatment does not fit everyone, thank you so much I am pain-free, and I always look forward to my sessions. ~Cindy P.

Many thanks for helping my son who was diagnosed with Autism at 19 months after vaccinations.  After a difficult start, my son is much improved, I have hope that my son will have a "normal" as possible life with continued  Holistic intervention, thank you ~Cindy W

Pain and muscle relief, I have been suffering for 2 years with muscle pain and cramping, I tried other non-medical approaches, none was able to help, one day a friend referred me to you,  you discussed some scenarios, remedies plus the course of Vibrational Sound Sessions over a month I am 90 percent without pain and cramping. Thank you for all you do, I always look forward to my regular sessions.  ~Sandra M

My MS is in remission, yeh! Oct 2017. Three years ago I was diagnosed with MS. A dear friend referred me to you, after an extensive interview, you asked me to have my Medical doctor to check for certain infections and other metabolic tests, I was amazed to discover I had very high levels of certain viruses and other metabolic dysregulation and genetic mutations inhibiting how my body detoxifies. Addressing my stress helped to regulate my system, Vibrational Sound sessions are amazing.  I truly believe this program is the missing parts to my recovery. Many thanks.  ~Jennnifer H.

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