Nature's Restorative Health (NRH) offers a diverse range of natural therapies to address stress and correct imbalances in the body. Each person is unique, in their biochemical and genetic makeup. We tailor wellness programs to suit the individual needs of each person.

Naturopathic/Functional medicine is a holistic system that looks at the body as a complex, interconnected system instead of individual organs and parts.

By focusing on biochemical individuality, body systems functions are optimized and the whole body function in the best way possible.

Naturopathic/Functional medicine uses only natural methods to address your *diagnosed* health conditions.

*Nature's Restorative Health/Practitioners do not diagnose or treat any condition. A diagnosis can be a result of stress, biochemical imbalances, energy blockages in the meridian system, or vibrationally out of tune, over time these can lead to an unbalanced system creating a label of illness.

Our Clients are seeking complimentary solutions to go along with their mainstream medical providers.


Nature’s Restorative Health (NRH) offers Bio-Energetic Testing.

This fully automated cut-edge hardware and software bio-energetic screening system

provides you and the practitioner with information about the energetic origins of

health challenges.

Results from this assessment give the practitioner a deeper insight, into the root cause (s) of your condition and guidance in resolving energetic imbalances and disturbances.




Homeopathy is a deep healing modality available in that it does not just soothe or palliate symptoms but can actually trigger the body to start to heal itself. This can seem quite miraculous when deep-seated or long-standing problems are actually eradicated as the body, with a push from the homeopathic remedy, starts to rebalance itself and regain its health.

We select homeopathic,  based on what your body needs to balance your chemistry and energy. These natural remedies will not contradict your current plan with your medical doctor. 


Cleanse Your Body from Harmful Pollutants

Environmental pollutants, long-term medication use, as well as poor lifestyle and dietary choices can negatively impact your health and wellness. Over the years, toxins find their way into organs, compromising their effectiveness Some of the most common sources of toxic exposure involve:

Chemicals that we ingest such as pesticides, additives, food dyes, and non-food ingredients found in over-processed foods. 

Toxins also can be inhaled through the lungs or absorbed into the skin such as with the use of various creams and lotions.

The storage of toxins is usually in fat cells where they can accumulate over time.


When toxin loads get high, metabolism slows down and the organs of elimination are unable to detoxify at optimum levels.  This can lead to:

fatigue, poor digestion, weight gain, cravings, fluid retention, and hormonal imbalances. 

Proper detoxification gives the body a break from high exposure to toxins and at the same time optimizes organ function and excretion of these unwanted chemicals. 

Dietary elimination of common allergens and homeopathy to support the organs of elimination and the digestive tract are a part of the 6-8-week detoxification program.  Upon completion of this detox, you will feel more energetic, improvement of body discomfort, eliminate cravings, improve the appearance of the skin, and potentially lose weight.


Here are just a few areas our clients said they were helped with:

We do not treat, or diagnose illness/disease, but rather identify stressors and imbalances contributing to your discomfort.

  • Digestive Health: IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), SIBO, Heartburn / GERD, Gas & bloating

       Chronic constipation &/or Diarrhea, Candida overgrowth (candidiasis), Histamine intolerance

  • Allergies: Seasonal, food, and environmental

  • Fatigue - Stress

  • Chronic conditions

  • Endocrine imbalances

  • Autoimmune  conditions

  • Blood sugar dysregulation

  • Headaches

  • Cholesterol

  • Joint discomfort, general body discomfort 

  • Blood pressure 

  • Respiratory Problems

  • Women's Health

  • Irregular periods, PMS, Menstrual cramps, Endometriosis, PCOS, Menopause, Chronic urinary tract infections (UTIs), Chronic yeast infections

  • Skin conditions – Acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea

  • Infection - cold and flu, ear infections, EBV

  • Prevention of illness and disease, maintenance of health

  • Helped with side effects after infections.